Digital Competency Assessment Tool for Members

MIA has established that it is important for members to not only be part of their respective organisations’ digital transformation initiatives but must also take steps to enhance their personal digital competency, in line with both the Malaysia Digital Economy Blueprint and the MIA Digital Technology Blueprint. As such, the need for a self-assessment digital competency tool for members has been included as one of the initiatives under the MIA Digital Technology Blueprint Operational Plan.

The Institute has carried out research in this area and has identified the Digital Fitness App by PwC as a suitable tool to meet such a need. The PwC Digital Fitness App allows members to perform a digital fitness self-assessment. The app will then tally a score, based on four different traits assessed during the questionnaire – behaviour, mindset, relationship and skills.

The app provides advice and suggestions on what needs to be done to improve the user’s individual score. To help achieve this, the app also contains an extensive curated library of resources to assist users to improve their digital fitness, whether professionally or personally.

The app is currently free for download and is available on both iOS and Android devices by downloading from the App Store or Google Play respectively, use the invite code "LRNALL" to get started. It is user-friendly and easy to navigate.

The Institute encourages all members to make use of the app to assess and enhance their personal digital competency.