Available Grants for Digital Transformation

Principle 4 of the MIA Digital Technology Blueprint establishes the importance of funding in the digital transformation process. In the MIA’s surveys on technology adoption in 2017 and 2019, cost was identified as the top barrier in adopting technology.

One of MIA’s initiatives in its Digital Technology Blueprint Operation Plan is identifying the availability of funding in order to assist our members in the adoption of digital technology. As such, we wish to reiterate the grants available to facilitate your digital transformation which are as follows:

Grant SME Digitalisation Grant Smart Automation Grant Smart Automation Grant Selangor SME Digitalisation Matching Grant
Administered by Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC) Malaysian Investment Development Authority (MIDA) Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC) Selangor Information Technology & Digital Economy Corporation (SIDEC)
Eligibility Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) from any sector SMEs and Mid-Tier Companies (MTCs) from the manufacturing and services sector SMEs, MTCs from the services sector as well as small and medium practices (SMPs) SMEs and SMPs registered in Selangor only
Maximum grant amount RM5,000 RM1,000,000 RM250,000 RM5,000
Mechanism Matching basis based on identified digitalisation areas Matching basis based on eligible expenditure Matching basis up to 50% of the total cost Matching basis based on identified digitalisation areas
Availability Currently available Currently available Pending announcement for the next submission Open for submission from 1 August 2021
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