Payment Guide

Please note that effective 1 January 2022, the Institute will cease to accept cash or cheque payments. To facilitate your payment, we have provided some easy payment options:

Online Payment

  1. Go to MIA website, click on my account, or
  2. Login as member at member page:
  3. Go to my payment.
  4. Click on the current payment due tab & click on make payment.
  5. If you would like to pay in advance, click on Advance Payment Button and tick on the financial year accordingly.
  6. You can also tick on the MAREF box if you want to contribute to MAREF.
  7. Then, click make payment.
  8. Choose your payment method.
  9. Continue to key in information as required & click proceed.
  10. You will receive the notification & receipt if the payment is successful.

Auto Debit

Please subscribe the auto debit feature through the MIA member portal to facilitate convenient and automatic payments. Those who utilise this feature would benefit from the settlement of bills in a more convenient manner and eliminate the risk of late payments.

Other Payment Method

For payment made through electronic fund transfer (EFT), you are required to indicate your membership number and to send a remittance advice (download here) to for the payment to be updated manually in your account and for the e-receipt to be sent to you.

Foreign Currency

For members residing overseas, payment of annual subscription can be made in foreign currency via bank draft (inclusive of all charges by the bank) if payment received by 31/1/2022.

Chartered Accountant/ Licensed Accountant

US Dollar106
Pound Sterling86
Singapore Dollar125
Swiss Franc105
Australian Dollar125