TITLE: Welcome Remarks by Assoc Prof Dr Zarina Zakaria, Chairperson of The Examination Committee, Malaysian Institute of Accountants at the MIA Qualifying Examination Graduation Ceremony 2019

DATE: 18/12/2019







18 December 2019 (Wednesday), PRISM, LEVEL 3A, CONNEXION@NEXUS

  • Yang Berusaha Assoc Prof Dr Zuraeda Ibrahim, Vice President of the Malaysian Institute of Accountants,
  • Puan Siti Rohana Mohamed Amin, Executive Director, Membership, Technology & Operations, MIA
  • MIA Examination Committee Members & Facilitators,
  • Graduates of MIA QE Class of 2019,
  • Ladies and Gentlemen
  1. Good morning and welcome to the MIA QUALIFYING EXAMINATION GRADUATION CEREMONY 2019.
  2. It is always a pleasure to speak at this event where the hard- earned success of our graduates is recognised and it marks the success of the Malaysian Institute of Accountants (MIA) in developing the talent pipeline of the accountancy profession to support nation building. MIA’s goal is to produce 60,000 accountancy professionals by 2030. Currently, we have more than 36,000 members contributing to national socioeconomic development.
  3. The MIA has been conducting the QE since 2003. In total, more than 443 candidates have successfully completed the MIA QE since its inception, and like other professional exams, it is very challenging and rigorous.
  4. MIA QE candidates have the option to undergo the exams in 2 sittings, either in March or September each year. Candidates are required to sit for four (4) papers namely Business and Company Law (BCL), Auditing & Assurance Services (AUD), Advanced Financial Accounting & Reporting (AFAR), and Taxation.
  5. This year, a total of 353 candidates sat for the MIA QE. Two hundred (200) candidates had attempted the September 2019 exams while there were 153 candidates in the March 2019 session.
  6. From these 2 examination sittings in 2019, a total of 44 candidates were successful - 22 graduates from the March 2019 sitting and 22 graduates from the September 2019 sitting. Heartiest congratulations to all our graduates who will be awarded the Certificate of Successful Completion of the MIA QE.
  7. Overall, the performance of the candidates in the March 2019 sitting for all four papers is better as compared to the candidates in the September 2019 sitting.
  8. I would like to share the analysis in the performance by each of the papers in the recent sittings. The performance of the candidates in the Audit & Assurance Services (AUD) paper and Business and Company Law (BCL) was consistent although both papers recorded a slight decline in passing rate. For Advanced Financial Accounting & Reporting (AFAR), the passing rate declined from 21% in March 2019 to 14% in September 2019. For Taxation, the performance of the candidates declined from 61% in March 2019 to 24% in September 2019. We are already taking steps to address the relevant gaps in a bid to assist candidates improve on their exam performance.
  9. Dear graduates, ladies and gentlemen, it takes a lot of hard work and commitment to complete the MIA QE within the stipulated time frame while balancing time for family and career. I salute your resilience and adaptability, which are leading quotients for success in the emerging Industrial Revolution (IR) 4.0 workplace.
  10. Before I end, I would like to take some time to thank all the partners and stakeholders who made the QE possible. Thank you especially to the members of the examination committee for your contributions and support. Once again, congratulations to all the graduates on your impressive achievement. I wish you every success in your future undertakings. Thank you.