TITLE: Speech by Assoc Prof Dr Zuraeda Ibrahim, Vice President, Malaysian Institute of Accountants at the MIA Qualifying Examination Graduation Ceremony 2019

DATE: 18/12/2019







18 December 2019 (Wednesday), PRISM, LEVEL 3A, CONNEXION@NEXUS

  • Mr Alex Khaw, Council Member and Examination Committee Member of the Malaysian Institute of Accountants (MIA)
  • Puan Siti Rohana Mohamed Amin, Executive Director, Membership, Technology & Operations, MIA
  • MIA Examination Committee Members & Facilitators,
  • Graduates of MIA QE Class of 2019,
  • Ladies and Gentlemen
  1. Good morning. I am delighted to be here at the MIA QUALIFYING EXAMINATION GRADUATION CEREMONY 2019. On behalf of MIA, I wish to congratulate the graduates for successfully completing this highly challenging and rigorous examination. We look forward to welcoming you as MIA members who will help the profession drive its purpose of nation building.
  2. By graduating from the MIA QE, you are one step closer to becoming a Chartered Accountant who is highly sought after by employers and the market. Once you have obtained the minimum three (3) years of relevant practical experience, you can apply for the MIA membership. Once your membership has been approved by the MIA, your journey as a Chartered Accountant begins.
  3. I am happy to share that membership confers tremendous benefits, as MIA engages extensively across multiple channels with members to enhance members’ satisfaction and add value.
  4. There are tremendous privileges as MIA CA(M). One, you gain access to the most current continuous professional education (CPE) programmes that are acclaimed by employers and global bodies such as the International Federation of Accountants (IFAC) while being tailored to the local context. MIA is also constantly raising the bar on our CPE (continuous professional education) in line with the latest developments and global standards. This ensures that you are future-proofed and relevant to the IR4.0 economy.
  5. Last year, MIA delivered 968 continuing professional education (CPE) programmes. Members also enjoyed the networking and development opportunities at our flagship MIA Conference 2019 that drew close to 3,300 delegates from 21 countries. In total, the various CPE activities on technology, leadership and good governance, and future-proofing benefited close to 37,000 participants in total in the prior year.
  6. As a bonus, MIA CA(M) can also earn other professional certifications that increase your value. For example, accountants working in Islamic finance can enrol in MIA’s Islamic Finance Mini Pupillage Programme, that is supported by leading audit firms, regulators and industry players. If you want to lead digital transformation, we highly recommend enrolling in the Professional Certificate in Digital Leadership (PCDL) which guides you on how to practically plan and manage digital transformation. Accountants with digital skills are in huge demand, so this is a very valuable certification.
  7. As many of you are young professionals, I am sure that you will enjoy the many initiatives spearheaded by the MIA Young Professionals Committee (YPC). To connect with younger talent, MIA’s YPC focuses intensively on networking and business intelligence. At the same time, YPC focuses on efforts to diversify talent, managing technology disruption and future-proofing accountants at its regular events.
  8. As an accountant, the sky is the limit. Malaysian accountants are highly mobile and in demand globally, especially within ASEAN. As an MIA member, you can be part of the growing number of ASEAN CPA members. MIA is advocating that ASEAN CPAs be granted Registered Foreign Professional Accountants status enabling them to work across the ASEAN region. This enhances your marketability and market value. As of 30 November 2019, 873 MIA members had been conferred the ASEAN CPA Certification.
  9. Last but not least is MIA’s e-privileges card, which is the envy of others. This card gives MIA members access to tremendous lifestyle benefits and privileges, such as discounts on luxury automotive brands. Members really appreciate this because all accountants love to save money – it’s in our DNA!
  10. MIA now offers Version 2.0 of the MIA Digital Membership Privilege Card @ e-card which offers increased benefits and features for members. MIA is constantly working to upgrade and improve the value of this card to enhance members’ satisfaction.
  11. Dear graduates, ladies and gentlemen, this is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of the value that MIA delivers to its members. MIA is committed to improving its development and regulation of the profession, in order to future-proof our members and ensure that we are continually relevant and contributing to nation building.
  12. In ending, I would like to thank everybody who has contributed to the success of the QE. Once again, congratulations to our graduates. I wish you and your families and friends a joyous celebration. Thank you!