Date Description
08/03/2019 Circular No. 26/2019: Dissolution of the Financial Reporting Standards Implementation Committee
07/03/2018 Issuance of FRSIC Draft Consensus D20 and Discontinuance Notice on FRSIC Issue No. 68
27/12/2017 Issuance of 2 FRSIC Consensuses and 3 FRSIC Discontinuance Notices
03/11/2017 FRSIC Invites Comments on Three FRISC Draft Consensuses
27/10/2017 Issuance of FRSIC Consensus 28 Capitalisation of Borrowing Costs in A Township Development and Frequently-Asked Questions
Click HERE to download "FRSIC Consensus 28"
04/01/2017 FRSIC Issues Discontinuance Notices on Three FRSIC Issues
30/11/2016 FRSIC Draft Consensus D16
Capitalisation of Borrowing Costs in a Township Development
08/08/2016 MIA issues FRSIC Consensus 27
Treatment of Land Cost When Revenue is Recognised Over Time by Measuring Progress Using Costs Incurred Method
22/01/2016 MIA signs MoU with MASB
29/12/2015 MIA issues FRSIC Consensus 26
Accounting For Currencies Held For Sale In Money Services Businesses