The Accounting Students Conference (ASC)

The objective of the conference is to provide students with insights into the accountancy profession and to equip them with the knowledge as to what is required of them as a professional accountant. This conference is also aimed to inculcate a lifelong learning culture in students from a young age and also to instill confidence in students by getting them involved in a conference of such magnitude even before they begin their professional life.

Below are the MIA’s responsibilities towards the ASC:

  • Assist to promote the ASC to the professional accounting bodies and other relevant organisations and to coordinate with the Host for any mailings to the accountancy professional bodies and other relevant organisations.
  • Assist the Host in identifying and obtaining the participation of speakers for the ASC by working with professional accountancy bodies and other relevant organisations.
  • To participate in the organising committee meetings conducted by the Host; and
  • To provide assistance or consultation for any aspect of the ASC including the technical programmes, marketing and promotions, exhibitions and other administrative matters.

For enquiries, please e-mail to

The following are Accounting Students Conference that were held.


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10/11/2017 Accounting Students Conference 2017, Themed: Integrity, Intelligence, Inspiration
11/11/2016 Accounting Students Conference 2016, Themed: Charting Milestone to Success
14/11/2014 Accounting Students Conference 2014, Themed: Bridging the Gap, Delivering Success
08/11/2013 Accounting Students Conference 2013, Themed: Excitement in Accounting Real World
10/11/2012 Accounting Students Conference 2012, Themed: Accountants: Not Just Number Crunchers
03/11/2011 Accounting Students Conference 2011, Themed: Future Professionals Rendezvous
20/11/2010 Accounting Students Conference 2010, Themed: Shaping Today’s Youth for a Better Tomorrow
01/12/2008 Accounting Students Conference 2008, Themed: Towards Realizing Competent Accountant
25/11/2006 Accounting Students Conference 2006, Themed: Managing Challenges-Think Big! Think Creative!