Integrated Reporting Steering Committee (IRSC)


Ong Chee Wai 


Chiew Chun Wee 
Kasturi Paramanathan 
Lim Fen Nee 
Dato' Mohamad Nasir Ab. Latif 
Nor Fadhilah Mohd Ali 
Pauline Ho 
Tang Seng Choon 
Venkatt Ramanan 


Nadia Zainuddin 
Tan Lay Khoon 


  1. To perform research and shape thinking on integrated reporting (Thought Leadership).
  2. To educate stakeholders and organisations and to promote the adoption of integrated reporting in Malaysia (Promotion and Adoption).
  3. To provide support to organisations who have adopted integrated reporting (Support).
  4. To engage stakeholders and organisations in shaping the continued development of integrated reporting (Engagement).
  5. To give recognition to adopters and promote excellence in integrated reporting (Recognition).