MIA Legislation & By-Laws


  1. The Accountants Act 1967.
  2. Malaysian Institute of Accountants Rules 2001.


  1. By-Laws (On Professional Ethics, Conduct And Practice)
  2. Due Process for Issuance of MIA By-Laws
    1. Due Process - MIA By-Laws on Professional Ethics
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    2. Due Process - MIA By-Laws on Professional Conducts & Practice
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MIA’s visual identity or MIA Logo is a valuable asset. Projecting a strong and consistent visual identity can strengthen the image, mission, and messages of MIA and its members and associates. When applied consistently and dynamically to all forms of communication, a visual identity reinforces the organisation’s stability and reliability. Each point of contact initiated by MIA is an opportunity to communicate an image of graphic continuity that makes the MIA name more recognisable and increases awareness of its role and services.


The purpose of the MIA’s Logo Guidelines for Members and Associates is to provide an overall framework for creating visually consistent materials that will reinforce a strong identity for MIA. These guidelines outline the graphic standards for using the MIA logo and provide specific directions for member use.

The MIA By-Laws related to the MIA Logo

Pursuant to paragraph 500.11, a member in public practice whose firm has been duly issued a certificate of registration may insert the logo of the Institute on any printed or electronic publication materials issued by the firm whereby the options are :

  1. to insert the words “A Firm Registered with the Malaysian Institute of Accountants” under the logo; or
  2. to insert the words “Member Firm of” above the logo;
  3. the logo can be either in “full colour” or in “black and white” or in “black and grey” and should be used in accordance with the guidelines issued by the Council from time to time on the use of the logo.
  4. MIA logo shall only be used in any manner that is deemed fit and proper for the material type.

MIA Symbol/Logo

Good visual identification depends upon a strong and clear presentation of an organisation’s identity. MIA’s most visible and recognisable symbol is its logo. The logo creates the organisation’s visual identity. Each component in the MIA Logo is a critical piece of the symbol and must stay in the proper relationship to each other.

The MIA symbol is to be used whenever practical on MIA communications such as publications, forms, technical documents, corporate banners, manuals and stationery.

Members and associates in good standing may also use the logo on their communications materials when it is important for them to indicate their MIA affiliation.

Intellectual Property

The copyright, patents and all intellectual property rights in the Mobile Services, the Digital Journal, and all MIA Content, including without limitation the copyright in MIA’s compilations of all MIA Content and Third Party Content, shall vest in and remain with MIA.

The trademarks, logos and service marks (Marks) are the property of MIA, and all rights to the Marks are expressly reserved by MIA. You are not permitted to use "MIA" without the prior written consent of MIA,

  1. “MIA” and “MIA logo” are trademarks of MIA;
  2. All products and product logos are trademarks of MIA.

MIA Logo Guidelines.

For more information write to communications@mia.org.my.