Examination Committee


Dr. Zarina binti Zakaria 


Arief Putera bin Mohd Sharipudin 
Prof. Dr. Faizah binti Darus 
Khaw Hock Hoe, Alex 
Prof. Dr. Nik Nazli binti Nik Ahmad 
Assoc. Prof Noorbijan binti Abu Bakar 
Novie bin Tajuddin 
Dato' Zamimi bin Awang 


The primary objective of the Examination Committee is to deal with matters relating to the MIA Qualifying Examination.

Scope and Authority

The Committee has authority, within the scope of its responsibilities, to:

  1. To make recommendations for the appointment of an examination body.
  2. To register the candidates and keep a register of the candidates.
  3. To make recommendations for the determination and collection of the registration and examination fees.
  4. To approve the structure and content of the Qualifying Examination (QE).
  5. To approve the number of papers and subject areas to be covered in such papers for the QE.
  6. To specify the number of papers to be taken by the candidates.
  7. To issue the certificate of candidacy.
  8. To announce the examination results and keep a register of the results.
  9. To issue the certificate of successful completion of the QE.
  10. Any other functions as the Council may prescribe from time to time.