Young Professionals Committee (YPC)


K. Renganathan a/l Renganathan Kannan 


Chong Hou Nian, Steven 
Huang Shze Jiun 
Muhammad Razin Shah Mohd Roslan 
Prof. Dr. Nor Aziah Abd Manaf 
Norherienda Abdul Kadir 
Ramnath R Sundaram 
Wong Wen Tak 
Yeow Kian Leong, Richard 


  1. To gather feedback from young Members (age 40 and below) of MIA (through various means, including but not limited to engagement activities, forums, surveys and focus groups) in areas deemed relevant to the interest of MIA’s policy making decisions.
  2. To establish a platform for young Members to communicate relevant matters of (their) prime concern to the Council.
  3. To identify the needs of young Members, with a view of supporting their professional aspirations that ultimately contribute towards the success of MIA.
  4. To advocate and promote professional interests of young Members.
  5. To initiate MIA’s engagement with young Members.

Scope and Authority

  1. To plan and coordinate various activities and/or actionable measures aimed to meet the identified needs of young Members.
  2. To advocate and promote the professional interests and personal development of young Members.
  3. To participate in or support joint initiatives, collaborations, activities or partnerships with other organisations in furtherance of the objectives of the Committee.