MIA-MQA Joint Technical Committee


Salihin bin Abang 


Chong Dee Shiang, Teresa 
Jeremy bin Nasrulhaq 
Prof. Dr. Maliah binti Sulaiman 
Dato' Merina binti Abu Tahir 
Mohd Khairul Nizam bin Ibrahim 
Dr. Mohd Nor Azman bin Hassan 
Dr. Murni binti Subroto 
Dr. Nurmazilah binti Dato’ Mahzan 
Phan Su Han, Josephine 
Suhaimi bin Hamzah 
Datuk Tong Poh Keow 
Prof. Madya Dr. Wan Zuhainis binti Saad 


The objective of the Committee is to ensure higher education providers (HEPs) seeking accreditation demonstrate that their professional programmes meet and comply with the required quality standards set by both Malaysian Qualifications Agency (hereinafter referred to as “MQA”) and Malaysian Institute of Accountants (hereinafter referred to as “MIA”).

Scope and Authority

Under Section 51 (1) of the MQA Acts 2007, the Committee has the authority, within the scope of its responsibilities to deal with the following:

  1. considering an application for accreditation under subsection 50(1) (application by a higher education provider for the accreditation of its local or foreign professional programme or professional qualification which complies with the relevant Framework);
  2. making recommendations to grant or refuse the application for accreditation under subsection 52(1);
  3. making recommendations for imposing conditions under section 54;
  4. entering and conducting an institutional audit under subsection 52(3); and
  5. making recommendations for the revocation of accreditation under section 55.
  6. review the accredited professional accounting programmes or professional qualifications periodically;

Notwithstanding the above, the Committee has additional responsibilities as follows;

  1. formulate and update the accreditation policies and criteria.
  2. approve detailed guidelines and operating procedures for accreditation.
  3. oversee all operational arrangements, and appoint members of the Task Force
  4. establish and maintain a list of local and foreign accredited professional accounting programmes or professional qualifications.
  5. respond to any complaints or appeals concerning the accreditation process and to any proposals for change.
  6. oversee the development and operation of accreditation and mutual recognition of programmes with other countries.
  7. keep the MIA Council informed of the activities of the Committee and where necessary make recommendations to the MIA Council.
  8. foster the dissemination of developments and best practices in accounting education.
  9. advice the MIA Council on public statements or representations that should be made in relation to accounting education.
  10. hold consultation meetings with HEP as and when necessary.