Small and Medium Practices Committee


Ahmad Zubir Zahid 
Dato' Gan Ah Tee  (MIA Council Member)
Koong Ling Loong 
Lim Thiam Kee, Peter  (MIA Council Member)
Mohamad Faisal Abdul Malik  (MIA Council Member)
Haji Mohd Noh Jidin 
Dato' Narendra Kumar Jasani 
Ong Teng Yan 
Soh Siong Hoon, Sam 
Teh Weil Xuan 
Zarinah binti Othman  (MIA Council Member)


The primary objectives of the SMP Committee is to build the capacity of SMPs, facilitate the adoption and implementation of new standards, promote the value of SMPs in supporting SMEs and represent SMPs’ interests to regulators. The Committee also serves as a forum for consultation to address issues/challenges relevant to SMPs.

Scope and Authority

  1. To build the capacity of SMPs (in terms of competency, enhancement of audit quality and relevance);
  2. To assist SMPs to have better understanding in the adoption and implementation of ISQC 1, ISAs and MPERS in line with the international standards and best practices;
  3. To represent SMPs' interest to regulators;
  4. To promote the role and value of SMPs, especially in supporting SMEs;
  5. To address the audit fee issue and to raise fees to adequate level in order to raise the quality of SMPs in their audit works;
  6. To organise dialogues / networking sessions / seminars to enable SMPs to voice their concerns and obtain feedbacks from SMPs;
  7. To provide strategic directions to SMP Department.
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