Public Practice Committee


Tai Yoon Foo  (MIA Council Member)


Ang Mei Ping 
Chan Wai Leng, Audrey 
Huang Shze Jiun  (MIA Council Member)
Leong Kah Mun  (MIA Council Member)
Lim Chu Guan, Peter 
Lim Thiam Kee, Peter  (MIA Council Member)
Ooi Chee Kun 
Tan Shium Jye, Terence 
Soo Hoo Khoon Yean 
Steve Ooi 
Subramaniam A V Sankar 
Tham Shien Hong 
Yap Weng Seong, David 
Yee Wing Peng  (MIA Council Member)


The primary objective of the Public Practice Committee (PPC) is to enhance the professional performance (competency, quality and growth) of the members in public practice. The Committee also serves as a forum for consultation and discussion of accounting and auditing practice issues relevant to members in public practice.

Scope and Authority

  1. To provide strategic direction to management to assist in developing recommendations in relation to auditing and accounting practice matters:
    1. The content of the Public Practice Programme (PPP) and Seminar on Interview for Approved Company Auditors and Liquidators, including its on-going development and maintenance;
    2. Current and anticipated trends in the auditing and accounting sectors that may have an impact on MIA’s reputation, its ability to attract new members, its relationship with governments, regulators or other stakeholders;
    3. The way in which MIA By-Laws and operating structures function in relation to the needs of practicing members;
    4. Approval of Company Auditor's process;
    5. The Professional Indemnity Insurance and other auditing and accounting practising matters.
  2. To engage in discussion with stakeholders relevant to the auditing and accounting profession, such as the Audit Oversight Board (AOB), Malaysian Accounting Standards Board (MASB) and Auditing and Assurance Standards Board (AASB) of MIA;
  3. To develop guidance materials on auditing and accounting practice issues in collaboration with the relevant Board / Committee / Department in MIA;
  4. To consider and where applicable, make recommendations in relation to broader professional development needs in the areas of auditing and accounting practice;
  5. To provide communication link between the MIA and the relevant authorities, professional bodies and professional accountants in public practice in respect of issues affecting the auditing and accounting practice profession;
  6. To initiate and recommend responses to the Council on matters relating to auditing and accounting practice profession.