Practice Review Committee


Lim Thiam Kee, Peter 


Hew Chooi Yoke 
Huang Shze Jiun 
Koong Ling Loong 
Lee Teck Leong 
Ng Kean Kok 
Tai Yoon Foo 
Ung Voon Huay, Jimmy 


To ensure that the Practice Review programme of the Institute is carried out in accordance to the objectives of practice review which are set out in Section B250 of Quality Assurance and Practice Review of the By-Laws of the Institute.

Scope of Authority

  1. Oversee the implementation of the practice review programme.
  2. Consider and approve the review report as presented by the secretariat practice review department.
  3. Provide guidance to the secretariat practice review department and address any concerns which may arise in relation to the implementation of the practice review programme.
  4. Appoint sub-committees and may delegate to any such sub-committee, with or without restrictions, any of its functions or powers except for the power to make a complaint against a member in public practice or a member firm to the Investigation Committee.