TITLE: Practising Certificate Fee

DATE: 28/06/2019

28 JUNE 2019

To all Practising Certificate Holders

Dear Member

Please be informed that at the Institute’s 32nd Annual General Meeting on 29 September 2018, the resolution to increase the practising certificate fee from RM250 to RM600 was approved.

Kindly be informed that pursuant to the Malaysian Institute of Accountants (Membership and Council) (Amendment) Rules 2019 of Act 94 – Accountants Act 1967, dated 28 June 2019, the Practising Certificate fee with effect from 1 July 2019 shall be RM600.

You may login to https://member.mia.org.my/build/index.html#/login from 1 July 2019 onwards to make the payment.

Thank you.

Please be guided accordingly.

Chief Executive Officer