Guidelines for Audit Licence Renewal

The requirements to renew the approved company auditor are as follows:-

  1. The renewal must be done using BLESS within 3 months and not later than 2 months from the expiry date of the previous approval.
  2. Applicants must fulfil the conditions set by the relevant monitoring agency and the renewal application must be supported by the relevant agencies.
  3. Late renewal which is done not more than one (1) year will affect the effective date of the approval.
  4. Auditor will have to resubmit the application and reattend the audit licence interview if failed to renew the approved auditor within one (1) year form the expiry date.
  1. Applicant must do the following:-
    1. register as an individual in Business Licensing Electronic Support System (BLESS) through;
    2. proceed to submit the application for audit approval through BLESS;
    3. upload the statutory declaration form;
    4. upload the MIA membership annual subscription and practising certificate fees receipts; and
    5. pay RM500/- using the e-payment module upon requested by the BLESS administrator from the Accountant General’s Department of Malaysia
  2. Processing of auditors approval renewal may takes about three (3) months
Renewal Flowchart

Description: Guidelines to Renew Audit Licence via BLESS
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Description: Self Assessment Check list for the Purpose of Renewal of the Audit Licence Starting 1 May 2009 (For reference only. Submission of this checklist is NOT required.)
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