Ke Wynn Medical Fitness Centre

Ke Wynn Medical Fitness Center is an award-winning integrated medical fitness centre specialising in orthopaedic rehab, corrective exercise, chronic pain management and medical fitness.

Our trainers will spend time educating and explaining to you why you hurt, and how you can go about your daily life by adopting healthy and pain-free movement. Our programme teaches you how to get back to playing your favourite sport or activity again.

Benefits and Privileges

Ke Wynn Medical Fitness Centre would like to give a special discount to MIA members for their Stretch and Sports Massage - 50 minutes sessions of general sports massage and stretch therapy for active sports/gym-goers.

Type of package offered Rate for MIA members (RM) Normal rate (RM)
Stretch and Sports Massage RM100 RM160

Contact Details

For enquiries, please contact:

👤 Mr Lee Ke Wynn / Exercise Director
04-890 2006
📱 012-233 8626
🌐 Ke Wynn Medical Fitness Centre