The Star ePaper

The Star ePaper is the digital replica of Malaysia's leading English daily which you can read anytime, anywhere, making it a convenient source of news. It comes with access to four regional ePapers - The Jakarta Post, The Nation and The Philippine Daily Inquirer and China Daily Asia Weekly.

In conjunction with The Star's joint partnership with MIA, we would like to offer all MIA members special ePaper subscription packages:

  • 2 years (ePaper only) at RM189.90
  • 1 year (ePaper only) at RM159.00 (Normal price is RM189.90)

Terms and Conditions

For further inquiries, please contact:

🖙 Customer Service Hotline (The Star)
🖷 1-300-88-7827
📅 Monday – Friday (8.30am – 7.30pm), excluding public holidays