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Special Bulletin
  MIA is delighted to announce three new digitally-driven initiatives that will improve members’ experience and enhance efficiency whilst helping to future-proof members for the digital economy and Industry 4.0. These initiatives are:

1. MIA Membership Information System (MMIS)
2. E-Accountants Today (E-AT)
3. Industry-Wide Electronic Bank Confirmation Platform

MMIS is expected to go live in the 3rd quarter of 2018, E-AT in August 2018 and the Industry-Wide Electronic Bank Confirmation Platform in December 2018.  MIA anticipates that these game-changing tech-driven initiatives will:

• transform how we engage with members
• support members’ professional and personal development
• expose members to the latest technologies and tools that are relevant to the profession, and
• improve the efficiency and effectiveness of how the profession works and learns.

MIA Membership Information System (MMIS)

As per its name, the MMIS is designed as a more powerful and more member-oriented system that aims to deliver a superior and smoother user experience for all segments of MIA members.

The MMIS offers several key benefits. One, MMIS will enable MIA to adopt a personalised approach with members, member firms and corporates to improve our member engagement and relationships and deliver better customer satisfaction and tailored stakeholder benefits.

Two, MIA can engage potential members by addressing their specific interests and issues, and bring them on board to grow the profession’s talent pool. 

Three, MMIS will deliver a smoother and easier event registration process that supports our members’ continuing professional development. Under MMIS, enrolment for all MIA programmes will be strictly via online registration only. 

Four, MMIS will improve the navigation and interactivity of MIA’s web interface to enhance members’ user experience and customer satisfaction. Best of all, in this new MMIS environment, members will be able to perform all these functions online and remotely without physically coming to the MIA office, saving time and resources. 

E-Accountants Today (E-AT)

MIA is migrating the hard-copy members’ magazine Accountants Today to a digital online format in order to reach members and the accountancy fraternity more effectively, especially via mobile devices. Research and online trends show that print is being eroded as new media gains traction – across the board, most professionals and especially Gen Y and Gen Z prefer to use mobile devices such as smartphones, iPads and tablets to access information on-the-go.

Overcoming the limitations of the previous hardcopy format, this new E-AT format will be more visually appealing, modern, flexible and interactive. Members and all accountants locally and globally will be able to contribute ideas, content and feedback to make this a two-way channel of communications that provokes thought and discussion. Users will also enjoy a wide range of attractive features not available in print, such as video, interactive links and live links to Facebook, LinkedIn and other social media platforms, search tools, and access to archived content. 

As a bonus, E-AT will also enable MIA and members to reduce paper wastage. This green initiative is a great start for us to walk the talk in conserving the environment and improving sustainability. The E-AT is expected to go live effective August 2018.

Industry-Wide Electronic Bank Confirmation Platform

Electronic confirmations are now the preferred method for confirming client information in jurisdictions such as the United States of America, the United Kingdom and Australia, as they enhance efficiency and security. Here in Malaysia, MIA is championing the first-ever Industry-Wide Electronic Bank Confirmation Platform.

This Platform can achieve greater efficiency and savings by replacing the paper-based confirmation process with secure electronic confirmation processes, hence eliminating duplications and lost confirmations and expediting confirmation replies to the auditors. To enhance security, this Platform provides authentication and authorisation procedures that help audit firms detect fraud and deter fraudsters hoping to circumvent the audit confirmation process.

The electronic bank confirmation application will be developed by a vendor appointed by the Institute and is expected to be made available by December 2018. This project has been endorsed by the Central Bank and the Association of Banks Malaysia. Training modules will be developed, and train-the-trainer sessions will be rolled-out nation-wide for auditors.

We hope that all members, especially auditors, will embrace electronic bank confirmations. This is a progressive step in auditing that will not only save time and resources but brings Malaysia up-to-speed with developments in leading markets.

Dr Nurmazilah Dato’ Mahzan
Chief Executive Officer
31 May 2018