Research Activity - Request For Address Labels


  1. You are required to submit the following prior to the approval of the research activity:
    • A letter from the Head of Department of the institution or organisation approving/ confirming the research activity.
    • A sample of the actual questionnaire (for review).
    • A copy of the cover letter to be enclosed with the questionnaire.
  2. The Institute has the right to review and recommend amendments (if deem necessary) to the questionnaire prior to giving approval to the research application.
  3. The application will be processed within 14 working days from the date the application is received (due to reviewing process) and label printing will require 5 working days from the date of approval by the Institute.
  4. The Institute would provide labels according to the criteria requested/ approved and each label will be charged at RM0.32(*).

    An administration cost will also be imposed on this research activity based on the quantity of labels requested and any other additional cost e.g courier charges, transportation to post office, etc.

    Please refer to the following table on the administration cost:
    1. 500 and less 53
    2. 501 to 1500 159
    3. 1501 to 3000 212
    4. > 3000 265
    *The above charges are inclusive of 6% GST
  5. All payments due to the Institute must be made before the labelling process commences.
  6. The address purpose are the property of the Malaysian Institute of Accountants and it shall not be used for any other than the intended research/survey. The labelling process will be carried out at the Institute’s premise under the supervision of the Institute's staff.
  7. On the research activity day:-
    • To provide the confirmed payment of the activity
    • To affix the label on the envelopes** (It is recommended that your envelope which contains MIA cover letter, questionnaire and reply envelope with stamp* are being sealed before the activity).
    • To bring your own stationery item e.g. stamps for envelopes, glue, etc.
    **Please ensure the postage stamp for your mail is as per the Pos Malaysia's rate.
  8. You are required to give a copy of the research finding to the Institute within 60 days upon completion of the research activity.

For further information, please contact Pn Haslin Mohd Dom (Membership Services Unit) at 03-27229000 or email

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