TITLE: Welcome Remarks for Yang Berusaha Dr Nurmazilah Dato’ Mahzan, Chief Executive Officer, Malaysian Institute Of Accountants at the MIA International Accountants Conference

DATE: 07/11/2017









  • Yang Berusaha Encik Salihin Abang, President, Malaysian Institute of Accountants
  • Yang Berbahagia Dato’ Mohammad Faiz Azmi, Conference Organising Chairman, Malaysian Institute of Accountants
  • Yang Berusaha Tuan Haji Sudirman Masduki, Registrar, Malaysian Institute of Accountants
  • Distinguished Guests, Conference Delegates
  • Members of The Media
  • Ladies and Gentlemen

1. Good morning and welcome to the MIA Conference 2017, with the theme of “Expanding Horizons.”

2. I’m proud to relate that this Conference is the culmination of extensive effort, whereby we integrated feedback from previous years, and merged these together with our analyses and our painstaking research to craft the content of our 16 sessions today. I am glad to announce that we have successfully secured close to 3,000 delegates for this year’s conference. Credit goes to you as our esteemed participants for making this conference one of the largest accounting events in the world. For that, please give yourselves a well-deserved round of applause.

3. Through this brainstorming process, we came up with this year’s theme of “Expanding Horizons,” which advocates that accountants must integrate technology into their roles and leverage disruptions and macro-trends in order to carve out your own unique niche, shift your blue ocean, and deliver relevant value in the digital economy.

4. In tune with this theme, our 16 sessions delve into the critical trends and developments affecting our members and delegates from all segments of the profession, ranging from digital disruption to technology integration, to macro geopolitical issues such as the impact of BREXIT and the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Whether you work in the public or private sector, in large or small organisations, the topics on the table today and tomorrow will assess the game changers and attendant risks and potentials that are going to irrevocably change the way you work and live. Beyond just attending the sessions superficially, we hope that you will take away sound and practical solutions and recommendations that you can implement to improve your daily routines and your organisations.

Ladies and gentlemen,

5. If you study the programme, you will see that the topics of technology integration and digital disruption dominate this year’s sessions – with good reason. In sync with our Digital Economy Blueprint, MIA is focusing strongly on how digital innovations such as artificial intelligence, data analytics, blockchain, and cloud are transforming the business landscape and reshaping the profession’s roles. Since MIA prizes diversity, and over 50% of our members are women, we have a session on how women are using tech to do better businesses. We also prioritise a healthy work-life balance; find out how to utilise health tech innovations to become a better and healthier person. MIA hopes that today’s tech-centric sessions will help you to expand your horizons and explore new prospects, and reinvent yourselves to become more relevant and productive accountants, business partners and contributors to your community and nation, in this age of Industry 4.0.

6. Since this is an accounting conference, we will of course dedicate some (slide 5) time to technical content for the benefit of our members and delegates. The session on MFRS 15 looks at the impacts that this revenue standard will have on specific industries, while the session on Enhanced Auditor Reporting will share our findings from our joint research study with ACCA on the impact to audit quality, corporate governance, as well as the market and preparers’ responses.

7. During the course of the conference, MIA is also excited to be unveiling more insights into our current key strategic initiatives that will strengthen and transform the Institute and the profession. Right now, we are in the process of finalising the draft Long Term Strategic Plan. Once ready, the draft will be exposed to the public and all our stakeholders in order to solicit your feedback before we refine and formally launch the final version. We will also be discussing our Competency Framework that maps out the requisite skills for accountants in diverse roles, functions and market segments, including digital skills – with the objective of upskilling accountants to meet and exceed market and employer expectations.

Ladies and gentlemen,

8. As usual, the Conference comes right on the tail-end of the Budget announcement, and we devote a plenary session to discussing the highlights of the Budget and the expected outcomes. Finally, on Day 2, we end the Conference with an unexpected guest – who has made waves in their chosen field. Members and delegates are usually thrilled by the leaders and personalities who take the stage in our last plenary. If last year featured our football heroes, who got a deserving standing ovation, this year we will see our global squash icon Datuk Nicole in action. Prepare to be inspired by this lady who brought glory to her country and to her chosen sport.

9. As you can see, we have an exciting and diverse programme lined up for the two days. I think our delegates are enthusiastic about the conference as well because we have received overwhelming response right up till registration closed.

10. Thank you very much for being part of MIA’s conference, and have a great two days ahead.