TITLE: Speech by En Ahmad Zahirudin Abdul Rahim, Chairman, NACRA 2017 Organising Committee, National Annual Corporate Report Awards (NACRA) Awards Presentation Ceremony 2017

DATE: 23/11/2017







NOVEMBER 23, 2017

  • Yang Berhormat, Datuk Seri Johari bin Abdul Ghani
    Minister of Finance II
  • Yang Berbahagia Datuk Seri Tajuddin Atan
    Chief Executive Officer, Bursa Malaysia Berhad
  • Yang Berbahagia En Salihin bin Abang
    President, Malaysian Institute of Accountants (MIA)
  • Yang Berbahagia Datuk Tan Theng Hooi
    President, The Malaysian Institute of Certified Public Accountants (MICPA)
  • Ms Loh Lay Choon
    Chairperson of NACRA 2017 Adjudication Committee
  • Yang Berbahagia Tan Sri-Tan Sri, Puan Sri-Puan Sri, Datuk-Datuk and Datin-Datin
  • Participating Organisations
  • NACRA Committee Members and Adjudicators
  • Distinguished Guests
  • Members of the Media
  • Ladies and Gentlemen

Good evening. Welcome to the 2017 National Annual Corporate Report Awards Presentation Ceremony.

On behalf of the Malaysian Institute of Certified Public Accountants (MICPA), Malaysian Institute of Accountants (MIA) and Bursa Malaysia Berhad - the joint organisers for NACRA 2017, thank you for being with us tonight. I am delighted to see such a strong showing of support for NACRA.

On behalf of NACRA, I would like to especially thank our guest of honour Yang Berhormat Datuk Seri Johari bin Abdul Ghani, Minister of Finance II for making the time to join us tonight as we celebrate and honour all the organisations who participated in NACRA this year.

Ladies and gentlemen,

NACRA’s theme, “Towards Accountability & Excellence”, underscores the vital role of annual reports in propagating transparency and enhancing integrity within the capital markets. Even in today’s world of instant information, an annual report remains a powerful tool to communicate a company’s strengths and strategies to key stakeholders. It tells the story of an organisation’s achievements, overall goals and objectives, financial position, growth, its people and commitment towards sustainability.

NACRA aims to improve on the quality of annual reports recognising that information is vital for stakeholders and decision makers. Every year, the guidelines are reviewed and enhanced to ensure that the standards and quality of the production of annual reports are in line with current requirements.

Keeping in line with regulatory changes and business practices we introduced two changes this year. We introduced the Sustainability Reporting Award to replace the Corporate Social Responsibility Reporting Award and the new Integrated Reporting Award. My colleague and Adjudication Committee Chairperson will speak more on this later tonight.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I am pleased to announce that we have seen an increase in participants this year with eight new contenders vying for the prestigious awards. I believe that the increase in the number of participants underscores the continuing relevance of corporate reporting and its importance in the eyes of the C-suite and boards of directors.

The new participants join many returning NACRA veterans who are established leaders in their respective industries. We hope to see many more organisations participating in the coming years. Winning a NACRA award gives one the bragging rights of having delivered the best annual report whilst strengthening the organisation’s brand and strength in corporate governance.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Before I end, I would like to thank my fellow members on the NACRA Organising Committee, the Adjudication Committee and Secretariat staff for their tireless dedication towards NACRA and in realising tonight’s ceremony. I would also like to say a big thank you to all the organisations who participated in this year’s NACRA.

I would like to once again extend our thanks to Yang Berhormat Datuk Seri Johari bin Abdul Ghani, Minister of Finance II for his gracious presence here tonight.

Thank you and do enjoy the evening.