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18/01/2017 Circular No. MF3/2017: MPERS Implementation Support
04/01/2017 Circular No. MF1/2017 and MF2/2017: Discontinuance Notices on Three FRSIC Issues and Amendments to MASB Approved Accounting Standards for Entities Other Than Private Entities and a New Interpretation
30/12/2016 Circular No. MF21/2016: The Malaysian Institute of Accountants Invites Comments on the Competency Framework for CFOs in Public Interest Entities
22/12/2016 Circular No. MF23/2016: The Malaysian Institute Of Accountants Invites Comments On The Exposure Draft "Section 550 Quality Assurance And Practice Review" Of Malaysian Institute Of Accountants By-Laws (On Professional Ethics, Conduct And Practice)
14/12/2016 Circular No. MF 21/2016 and MF22/2016: Invitation to Comment on the Competency Framework for CFOs in Public Interest Entities and Implementation Resources to Support the New Auditors’ Report
08/12/2016 Circular No. MF20/2016: Invitation to Comment on IAASB’S Discussion Paper, Exploring the Demand for Agreed-Upon Procedures Engagements and Other Services, and the Implications for the IAASB’S International Standards
01/12/2016 Circular No. MF17/2016, MF18/2016 and MF19/2016: ISA 250 (Revised), RPG 11 (Revised 2016), RPG 12, ISA 700 (Revised) and FRSIC Draft Consensus D16
22/09/2016 Circular No MF15/2016 and MF16/2016: IAASB Releases Working Group Paper on Supporting Credibility and Trust in Emerging Forms of External Reporting and Seeks Input on the Growing Use of Data Analytics in the Audit
10/08/2016 Circular No. MF12/2016: Invitation to Comment on IAASB Survey Consultation, the IAASB's Work Plan for 2017-2018 and Continuing Relevance of Its Strategic Objectives
21/07/2016 To Audit Firm -(4-5 Aug , 19-21 Oct, 2 Nov ,3 Nov 2016)
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