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Malaysian Association Of Accounting Administrators

Accounting Administrator

An applicant may at the time of his application for admission be admitted as an Accounting Administrator if he has the following qualifications-

A. Holder of a Diploma in Accountancy from the following institutions:-
- MARA Institute of Technology;
- Kolej Ugama Sultan Zainal Abidin;
- Ungku Omar Polytechnic
- Sultan Abdul Halim Mu'adzam Shah Polytechnic;
- Kota Bharu Polytechnic
- Sultan Haji Ahmad Shah Polytechnic
- Batu Pahat Polytechnic;
- Kuching Polytechnic; or
B. Holder of a Diploma in Accounting Administration from University of Malaya; or

Holder of a Degree in Accounting or majoring in Accounting not recognised under the Accountants Act, 1967 but recognised by the Government or deemed by the Council to be equivalent; or


Holder of a Diploma in Accounting recognised by the Government or deemed by the Council to be equivalent; or

E. Be a member of one of the foolowing bodies;
- Institute of Co-operative Auditors;
- Malaysian Society of Accountants;
- Association of International Accountants
- Chartered Institute of Secretaries and Administrators;
- Association of Accounting Technicians, United Kingdom (at Senior Accounting Technician level);
- Association of Cost and Executive Accountants;
- Society of Company and Commercial Accountants (formerly known as the Institute of Company Accountants);
- Institute of Administrative Accountants;
- Institute of Internal Auditors;
- Institute of Certified Public Accountants (Ireland); or
- A body deemed by the Council to be equivalent; or
F. A Certified Public Accountant from any State in the United States of America.

And have passed such other examinations and fulfil such requirements as maybe determined by the Council including the practical experience.

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