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An Act to provide for the registration of accountants and matters connected therewith.

[30th September, 1967.]



Short title.


This Act may be cited as the Accountants Act, 1967.



(3) The Minister may by notification in the Gazette suspend the operation of this Act in any part of Malaysia and may at any time thereafter remove the suspension:

Provided that the power of suspension shall not be exercised more than once in relation to any part of Malaysia.

2. Interpretation.
In this Act unless the context otherwise requires -

"Committee" means any committee established under this Act;

"Council" means the Council of the Institute established by section 8;

"Council members" or "members of the Council" means the members of the Council specified under section 8(1) and includes the President and Vice-President of the Institute; [Ins. Act A1099]

"Institute" means the Malaysian Institute of Accountants established by section 3;

"Malaysian Institute of Accountants Qualifying Examination" means the examination referred to in section 15A;

[Ins. Act A1099]

"member" means a person who is registered in accordance with this Act as a chartered accountant, a licensed accountant or an associate member;

[Subs. Act A1099]

"prescribed" means prescribed by rules;

"register" means the register of members required to be kept in accordance with section 13;

[Ins. Act A825]
"Registrar" means the Registrar appointed under section 12;
"rules" means rules made under this Act; [Ins. Act A825]
"total Council members" means the maximum number at any one time of Council members as specified in section 8(3). [Ins. Act A1099]

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